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"Zombie Prostitute" is a song written and performed by Aurelio "Voltaire" Hernández for the album of the same name. While originally it was merely a dark comedy of a man catching a disease from said prostitute, seems to help spread it and brags he's not a moral person, it was eventually adapted into one by Daria Cohen for The Vampair series as its fifth chapter. In The Vampair series it's song from Duke's perspective who does similar to the original when he was annoyed but the person he almost spread it to was a person who was trying to find Missi but rushes off after hearing a "rip", at this point he brags he has few to no standards when it comes to seducing people before sneaking into his castle.


I was alone, and I needed a date
I was takin' a walk past the cemetery gate
When I saw a sign that said
"For a good time take a left down at Tombstone Number 8"

Went through the gateway, and I'm pretty sure I
Saw some eyes peepin' out of a sepulcher,
I took a step into the Tomb of Ill Repute
That's where I met her, the Zombie Prostitute

I grabbed her left breast, and I'm pretty sure I tore it
I said, "go down," but she didn't have the stomach for it
Her teeth fell out, and her tongue fell out to boot,
But all in all, she was a rotten kind cute.
While I was tense, it was plain to see
A sort of rigor mortis was comin' over me
I didn't want to see it, but I just had to believe it
I had a stiffy for the stiff in front of me.

Morally, I'm destitute
In the Tomb of Ill repute
She's a rotten kinda cute
For a Zombie Prostitute.

Now I'm fallin' apart from my head down to my toes,
I don't know which of my organs is the next to go
I've been such a sleaze since she gave me the disease
Wouldn't you know, now I'm a Zombie Gigolo
I took my first client on a date
We took a walk to the cemetery gate
I got under her slip, but then, I heard a rip
I pulled it out, and I said..."baby, keep the tip"

Morally, I'm destitute
In the Tomb of Ill repute
She's a rotten kind'a cute
For a Zombie Prostitute.


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