"You Just Can't Win" is a song from the musical Pokémon Live. It is sung by Giovanni and Ash Ketchum, as they argue that the other "just can't win" their final battle.

The song was performed by Ash's actor Darren Dunstan and Giovanni's actor Dominic Nolfi.


You're way out of your league
You've more than met your match!
I guess you're slowing down, old man
Can't hit what you can't catch!

Soon the whole world will know
The genius of my plan!
I will find a way to stop you
Any way I can!

You're such a goody two-shoes
It's more fun bein' bad
No one's gonna side with you
You're stark ravin' mad!

Oh yeah? Just ask your mother
That's all in the past!
Listen to me, little boy
Nice guys finish last!

Oh no!

You just can't win!
You're not that strong
Time to pay for your sins!
You got it all wrong!

You just can't win!
I'm gonna shut you down!
Your chances are slim!
No more foolin' around!

Let the battle begin!
You just can't win!

Other Appearances

  • The song is featured on the album Pokémon Gotta Catch 'em Live!


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