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"You Can Close the New York Stock Exchange" is a song from the musical Assassins. It features John Wilkes Booth and the other historical assassins inspiring Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot the president of the United States.


Character Original Off-Broadway London Premiere Broadway Premiere London revival Encores! Off Center
John Wilkes Booth Victor Garber David Firth Michael Cerveris Aaron Tveit Steven Pasquale
Leon Czolgosz Terrence Mann Jack Ellis James Stacy Barbour David Roberts Shuler Hensley
John Hinckley, Jr. Greg Germann Michael Cantwell Alexander Gemignani Harry Morrison Steven Boyer
Charles J. Guiteau Jonathan Hadary Henry Goodman Denis O'Hare Andy Nyman John Ellison Conlee
Giuseppe Zangara Eddie Korbich Paul Harvey Jeffrey Kuhn Stewart Clarke Alex Brightman
Samuel Byck Lee Wikof Ciarán Hinds Mario Cantone Mike McShane Danny Wolohan
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Annie Golden Catheryn Bradshaw Mary Catherine Garrison Carly Bawden Erin Markey
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Debra Monk Louise Gold Becky Ann Baker Victoria Clark Sara Poyzer
Lee Harvey Oswald Patrick Cassidy Anthony Barclay Neil Patrick Harris Jamie Parker Clifton Duncan


[It's in your grasp, Lee. All you have to do is move your little finger. You can close the New York Stock Exchange.​]

[Shut down the schools in Indonesia.​]

[In Florence, Italy, a woman will leap from the Duomo clutching a picture of your victim and cursing your name—]

[Your wife will weep]

[His wife will weep—]

[The world will weep—

[Grief. Grief beyond imagining—]


[The death of innocence and hope—]

[The bitter burdens that you bear]

[The bitter truths you carry in your heart]

[You can share them with the world.​]

[You have the power of Pandora's Box, Lee. Open it...]

I envy you

We're your family

I admire you

I respect you

Make us proud of you

I envy you

We're your family

I admire you

We're depending on you

You are the future

We're your family

We respect you

Make them listen to us
We've been waiting for you

Make them listen, boy

We admire you
We're your family
You are the future
We're depending on you
Make us proud of you

All you have to do is squeeze your little finger
Squeeze your little finger

You can change the wor—

Other Appearances

  • The original version of the song was featured in the play's soundtrack.
  • The Broadway version was featured on the official soundtrack.




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