"Where Is the Fun?" is a song from the television film School's Out!: The Musical, which also serves as a season five episode of the animated television series The Fairly OddParents. It features Timmy Turner as he tries to reform Flappy Bob while Head Pixie and Sanderson try to stop him.

The song was performed by Timmy's voice actress Tara Strong, Flappy Bob's voice actor S. Scott Bullock, and Head Pixie and Sanderson's voice actor Ben Stein.


Hey Flappy Bob,
Can't you see what they've done?
They needed a pawn
and clearly you were the one
They took away your clowny clothes
your floppy shoes and big red nose
Just look around
how could you say this is fun?

Since you were born,
they decided your fate.
From the style of your car
down to the food that you ate.
I know it seems they gave a lot.
But I'm telling you it's part of a plot.
A plot that you can stop.
Stop it before it's too late.

Hey Flappy Bob
You hear what he been spreading?
The lies that he been telling

I know where this is heading
Toward turning you against us
To resent us
And present us

And suggest who are the villains
Yeah, don't you be forgetting
It was you, Flappy Bob

Yeah, you were the one
We protected
And respected
As though you were our son

And now you're in the middle
You can fiddle with this riddle
Or you can sign this deal and trust us
That your wishes will be done

Where is the fun?
Who should I turn to?

Where is the fun?
How can I learn who?

Who is the one?
The one I can trust to tell me what's fun.

Where is the fun?
Why should I trust you?

He was the one
You were the one who
wanted to shun
everything I always thought fun.

Hey Flappy Bob
Can't you see in your heart
there's a role you play
and dude this just ain't the right part!
I know my actions weren't ideal
but how your clowney parents feel
About the path you chose,
whether or not it was smart?

Where is the fun?
Who should I turn to?

Where is the fun?
How can I learn who?

Who is the one?
The one I can trust to tell me what's fun?

Where is the fun?
I'm so conflicted

But he was the one
The one who restricted

Your vision of fun
And with this pen I'll sign by line item 1


Maybe you're right, could be a giant mistake
Ha-ha, ha-ha!

But changing my life's a risk I'm not ready to take
This nose, pants, hair, and shoes
they're all my past and now I choose
To wish for a world
A world that fits all my views
A world where I am safe

It's over, Turner--you lose!

Thanks for the pen!




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