"Welcome to Duloc" is a song from DreamWorks' 2001 animated film Shrek. It features a series of singing animatronic dolls in an information kiosk in the Lordship of Duloc welcoming guests to Lord Farquaad's kingdom.

The song was performed by Hope Levy and Jill Bogard as the dolls.


Welcome to Duloc
Such a perfect town
Here we have some rules
Let us lay them down

Don't make waves
Stay in line
And we'll get along fine.
Duloc is a perfect place.

Please keep off of the grass
Shine your shoes
Wipe your...

Duloc is, Duloc is,
Duloc is a perfect

Welcome to Duloc
It's a creepy town
What was once pristine
Now is all run down

We will chop off your head
And then laugh when you're dead
Duloc is a creepy place

Come on in, What the heck
Fall right down
Break your...

Duloc is, Duloc is,
Duloc is a creepy

Other Appearances

  • A darker, creepier version of the song was sung by the dolls in the 2010 Halloween-themed Television special Scared Shrekless, where the heroes return to the allegedly haunted Duloc to tell scary stories.
  • An different, extended version featuring Duloc dancers and Lord Farquaad singing was featured in the stage musical adaptation Shrek the Musical, called "What's Up, Duloc?". It was performed by a chorus as the dancers and Farquaad's actor.
  • Some YouTubers make crossovers (see below this for details) of both versions.
    • These kinds of crossovers are adding scenes from other media (i.e.: Spongebob Squarepants) to fit with the reaction of the main source's audio.



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