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We Hate the Sun is a villain song sung by the Grand Duke of Owls and his minions, from Rock-A-Doodle.

The song is sung by the Grand Duke's voice actor Christopher Plummer.


[So he turns on the duke?
And with what do you suppose he turns on the duke?]

[What, master?]

'[A flashlight!]

What a horrible thing to do!
What a horrible thing to do!
Thing to do!

Uh, what's a flashlight?

Fool! It's the sun... on... a... stick.

Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!

Enough! I took the kitty by his throat, and I squeezed him!
I tried to choke him 'til his brains came out his ears!
You know, the usual

But then, when my back is turned,
What four legged, flea-bitten louse comes sneaking through the window
That has the nerve to bite me on the leg?

Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?




Death to Patou!

'Destroy the farm! Destroy the cat! The dog!
Or do you want the chicken back?

No! We hate the sun! The answer's no!

And it'll make my leg feel so much better...
If that rooster never crows!

'We hate the sun, that much we know
We hate the rooster, we'll never let him crow
(Never let him crow!)
We hate the sun, from head to toe
(From head to toe!)
We hate the rooster, we'll never let him crow!
Never let him crow!

Never let him crow


Rock-A-Doodle-We Hate The Sun From The Soundtrack

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