"Waiting in the Wings" is a song from the season two episode "Rapunzel and the Great Tree" of the animated television series Tangled: The Series (formerly Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure). It features Cassandra expressing her ever-growing tiredness and frustration to prove herself.

It was performed by Cassandra's voice actress Eden Espinosa.


Guess we all are born with parts to play
Some of us are stars, and some are just in the way
I know I was meant for glory
But that's never what my story brings
And yet I keep on waiting

When you have the passion and the drive
You expect your moment centre stage to arrive
I show up with heart ablazing
Ready to achieve amazing things
But I'm left waiting in the wings

I hear my cue
And yet I'm kept there waiting
Know what to do
And still I stand there waiting
It's always someone else who sings
while I'm left waiting in the wings

And so I keep on keeping on
My chances come and then I blink and they're gone
Always overlooked unfairly
while pretending that it barely stings
But it stings, yes, it stings

And I'll shed no tears
I'll only keep on waiting
If no one cheers,
well, I can keep on waiting
Who cares how loud the silence rings
You'll find me waiting in the wings..

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the soundtrack album Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (Music from the TV Series).




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