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"Unworthy of Your Love" is a song from the stage musical Assassins. It features John Hinckley Jr. and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme singing about their unworthy love (Jodie Foster & Charles Manson respectively) as their drive to assassinate Ronald Regan & Gerald Ford.


Character Original Off-Broadway London Premiere Broadway Premiere London revival Encores! Off Center
John Hinckley Jr. Greg Germann Michael Cantwell Alexander Gemignani Harry Morrison Steven Boyer
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Annie Golden Catheryn Bradshaw Mary Catherine Garrison Carly Bawden Erin Markey


I am nothing
You are wind and water and sky
Tell me, Jodie
How I can earn your love
I would swim oceans
I would move mountains
I would do anything for you
What do you want me to do?

I am unworthy of your love
Jodie, Jodie
Let me prove worthy of your love
Tell me how I can earn your love
Set me free
How can I turn your love
To me?

I am nothing
You are wind and devil and God
Take my blood and my body
For your love
Let me feel fire
Let me drink poison
Tell me to tear my heart in two
If that's what you want me to do...

I am unworthy of your love
Charlie darlin'
I have done nothing for your love
Let me be worthy of your love
Set you free—

I would come take you from your life...

I would come take you from your cell...

You would be queen to me, not wife...

I would crawl belly deep through hell...

Baby, I'd die for you...

Baby, I'd die for you...

Even though—

Even though—

I will always know:

I am unworthy of

Your love

Jodie darlin' (Charlie darlin')

Let me prove worthy of your love

I'll find a way to earn your love

Wait and see

Then you will turn your love to me

Your love to me...

Other Appearances

  • The original version of the song was featured in the play's soundtrack.
  • The Broadway version was featured on the official soundtrack.






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