"Underground" is a 1983 song by rock artist Tom Waits from his album Swordfishtrombones. The song was later featured in the 2005 Blue Sky Studios animated film Robots, serving as the theme for Madame Gasket, Phineas T. Ratchet, and their Chop Shop.


Rattle big black bones in the danger zone
There's a rumblin' groan down below
There's a big dark town, it's a place I've found
There's a world going on underground

They're alive, they're awake
While the rest of the world is asleep
Below the mine shaft roads, it will all unfold
There's a world going on underground

All the roots hang down, swing from town to town
They are marching around down under your boots
All the trucks unload beyond the gopher holes
There's a world going on underground

Other Appearances

  • In addition to its debut on Swordfishtrombones, the song was also featured on the album Big Time.




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