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"Trick and Treat" is a song produced by OSTER Project (formery known as Futanari-P), and performed by VOCALOIDs Len and Rin Kagamine. It tells the story of a pair of twin dolls who kidnap, torture, and murder their former owner to get revenge for her throwing them away.


Fukai fukai kiri no naka youen ni hibiku koe
Oide oide kono mori no motto okufukaku made

Hayaku hayaku isogiashi de dekiru dake chikaku ni
Oide oide saa tanoshii
Asobi o hajimeyou

Shinamon sutikku wa mahou no sutekki
Gitofuri suru dake de shiroppu ga fueru
Nigasa sae wasurete amai yume no naka
Tengai ni mamorarete
Nemuri ni ochiru

Gensou no saimin ni oboreta mama de ii
Mekakushi o hazushicha omoshiroku nai desho
Ashimoto gochuui sono te wa boku ga hiku kara
Sono mi o ima sugu ni
Yudanenasai saa

Itsukaraka ginen no ha ga miegakure suru
Ai to iu menzaifu nado wa sonzai shinai to
Mekakushi no sukima kara nozokimita rantan ga
Utsushidashita kage ni omowazu
Mi no ke ga yodatta

Oya oya warui ko mou omezame desu ka?
Mekakushi ga toketa nara moumoku ni shiyou ka?
Hora hora warainasai kawaii okao de
Kegawa o mata kabutte
shibai ni modoru

[...Nee, choudai?]

Doushita no sonna me de karada o furuwasete
Atatakai miruku de motenashite hoshii no?
Saa naka ni ohairi koko wa totemo atatakai
Mikaeri wa poketto no nakami de ii kara

Choudai hayaku hayaku
Nee hora ima sugu ni
Nisha takuitsu no gensoku o kanagurisute
Mayakashi de motenashite amai mitsu o sutte
Choudai yokose hora ima sugu ni


Deep, deep within the fog, a bewitching voice echoes
Come, come, until you're deeper inside this forest

Hurry, hurry, you'll only get closer if you're quick
Come, come, see, it's fun
Let the games begin

シThe cinnamon stick is a magic wand
With just one swing the syrup will multiply
You'll forget bitterness in this sweet dream
Guarded by a canopy
You fall asleep

It's okay to induldge in this illusion's hypnotism
If you remove the blindfold the fun things will disappear
Watch your step! I'll take you by the hand
So, right away
Entrust yourself to me

For some time the blade of doubt has been fading in and out
There isn't such thing as the indulgence in love
Through a slit in the blindfold you peeped
And saw the shadows cast by the lantern
Suddenly, your hair stands on end

My my, what a bad child! You're already awake?
If the blindfold came off, then shall I blind you?
Come now, smile! Let's see that cute face
Slip back into your skin
and go back to the show

[Give me, please?]

Why are you looking at me like that? Your body is trembling
Shall I bring you some warm milk?
Now now, come inside! It's very warm in here
Your pocket's contents are enough of a reward

Please, hurry hurry
Hey look, right away
Abandon the notion of having a choice
Go along with this make-believe and slurp the sweet nectar
Please, hand it over! Look, right now

Give me, please!

Other Appearances

  • The song appeared on the EXIT TUNES album Exit Tunes Presents Vocaloseasons (feat. Hatsune Miku) - Autumn.
  • The song was performed at the MikuPa Live in Tokyo 2011 Concert and the MikuPa Live in Hong Kong and Taiwan 2012 Concert






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