• Hello,

    Hey Cram2302. I've been watching your work on the wiki, and you've been doing an amazing job. I am considering promoting you to an Administrator, which will allow you more privileges and access to the wiki's design. Additionally, it also will include leadership, user management, and wiki cleanup. Would you be okay with the promotion, given the responsibility entailed?

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    • Hi,

      I guess I should give an explanation for my sudden dissapearance from this wiki, it's quite simple, I have been doing an animation master this year, in the city of Madrid quite away from my home, it was going great until certain virus forced us to change to online class, and things got quite chaotic by the end of the master (which ended on August's first week).

      So yeah, fortunately I have finished it and I will be able to participate in the wiki again.

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    • No problem, glad you're back! Hope you had a good time!

      So, would you be okay with a promotion? I wanted to ask permission first, because I know that it's a lot of responsibility.

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    • Hi!

      I'm okay with the promotion, it may take it's responsibility but I do think I can handle it. Thank you for your trust.

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    • Alright, have fun!

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