• Jester of chaos
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    23:11, March 18, 2020

    Hi man I am not provoking anyone I just believe in killing trolls slaughtering them. My new buddy User:B1bl1kal would definitely agree with me about killing trolls.

    Also you blocked me when I mentioned about X-Mutant is he your buddy well guess what your buddy X-Mutant is crazy he is out control. And I am positive that my new friend B1bl1kal would agree with me.

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    • You crossed lines and we at most ignore trolls otherwise you are encouraging them and giving them what they want.

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    • Hahaha no I want to exterminate trolls I want to see them burn alive. The one who crossed lines are the trolls and that X-Mutant is the worst out of all of them.

      Trolls are nothing but idiots they remind me of the idiot employees that I work with. That dude B1bl1akl understand stands me a lot better then you do he relates with me more then you do.

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    • Why do you defend such a bad person. At least B1bl1akl can see the truth he knows the samething that I do to take down a troll get them at their weakest point after they have done something incredibly stupid. B1bl1akl is not afraid to slaughter trolls and I fully agree with him he is a man who believes in no mercy.

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    • He can be emotional and at times stubborn but he's not a vandal nor should you go around insulting anyone: trolls want it and take it as encouragement to continue while other who make mistakes and get treated as trolls just decide to lash out or breakdown not understanding why they are getting targeted.

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