"The Swarm is the Law" is a fan song created by internet music artist PrinceWhateverer based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The song is sung from the perspective of the Changelings about their nature and how unstoppable they are. It is a parody of the song "The Saw Is the Law" by the band Whitechapel.

It was performed by PrinceWhateverer with NRGpony performing some additional vocals.


This is the changeling hive
And we sleep away our misery
In blood soaked treason
We’ve left our holes to infest the world
And addict you to this changeling venom

One million bodies scarred
Infinite blood to bleed
Our presence stops your heart
We'll leave you six feet deep
Fall to your knees and recognize your new found queen

Where we come from
The swarm is the law
'Til there’s no love left
We will not fall

Among the dragons
We still stand tall
And we can not be stopped

Just let it go and let the love flow
It’s like a hurricane inside of your head
The pressure’s never ending
But your brain is still depending and comprehending
Why it is still defending just let


And be one with our family
Your life decisions have become our control
And we will swallow Equestria whole

You are
You are Nothing
We are Everything
You are nothing
Without love

This is the changeling hive
Taking cities one by one
Carefully choose your side
You could be one of many sons

This is our way of life
Deafening ears and changing form
Come and join our side
Welcome to the queen's swarm

Other Appearances

  • The song, along with an instrumental and acapella versions, were featured in the album The Swarm is the Law.





  • According to the artist, the reason behind this parody comes from and idea he had in a bar about making a ponified version of one of the heaviest songs he knew.
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