"The Real Ludmilla" is a song from the 1999 direct-to-video animated film Bartok the Magnificent. It features Ludmilla singing about her ambitions to power while slowly turning into an obese purple wingless dragon after drinking Bartok's potion.

It was performed by Ludmilla's voice actress Catherine O'Hara and a chorus as Ludmilla's prisoners.


Starting today they are going to welcome a new girl,
Starting today no more lying or sneaking about,
No! They'll see someone lovely as a flower!
Someone who is totally in power!
Starting today when the real Ludmilla comes out!

Starting today every rule's guaranteed to be broken,
Starting today every whisper turns into a shout!
I feel all my inhibitions molting,
(More than just the peasants are revolting)
Starting today when the real Ludmilla comes out!

(Starting today is the grand transformation)
(Hide, run away or go on a vacation)
(Starting today she'll be ruling the nation, no doubt.)

Oh yes! And starting today the whole world will be mine on a platter!
(Every man on a plate)
Kneel, you peasant, you peon, you dim-witted lout!
(Gee, the future looks great)

Now my inner beauty is appearing,
I can almost hear the peasants cheering!

Starting today when the real Ludmilla,
Proves she's a ruler to rival Attila!
Starting today when the real Ludmilla,
Comes out!




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