"The Madness of King Scar" is a deleted song from the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King. It featured Scar trying to seduce Nala in order to make her his queen and have descendants to continue his reign after his death. The song was sung in the same tune as "Be Prepared" and was followed almost immediately by its deleted reprise. The reason behind it's deletion was due to be too creepy due to the sexual harassment subtext.

The song was later completely rewrote for the stage musical with the only similarities between them being the name and its topic. The stage musical features also an argument between Scar and Shenzi, Banzai and Ed and Scar asking Zazu why is he not as loved as his brother was.

The original version was performed by Scar's voice actor Jeremy Irons and Nala's voice actress Moira Kelly. The stage musical version was performed originally by John Vickery as Scar, Geoff Hoyle as Zazu, Tracey Nicole Chapman as Shenzi, Stanley Wayne Mathis as Banzai, Kevin Cahoon as Ed and Heather Headley as Nala.


[The world is full of problems... even for a king!]

It's tough at the top
I deserve a... companion
A mate, who will start
My cylinders firing with fervor
And you, my sweet thing, fit the part...

[Excuse me?]
[A king alone is a sad situation indeed, but a king without heirs... now that's a tragedy.]
[You can't be serious.]
[I've never been more serious.]

Be prepared for a stunning proposal
That power and beauty should bond
Which cannot but fail to
Ensure cries of hail to
The chief and his consort
The sine qua non sort

Of ruling ascendance
Our line of descendants
Will flow through the pride and beyond

[Ooh... Nala, Nala, Nala. You know, you really have no choice. One way or another, I always get what I want.]

[Zazu, why am I not loved?]

I am that rare and awesome thing
I'm every inch a king
Yet, I feel a twinge of doubt
As I go walk about
[Hey, boss!]

When my name is whispered through the pride
Is this talk of love or regicide?
[Reggie who?]

Tell me I'm adored
Please tell me I'm adored

[Hey, boss!]
[Oh, what is it?!]
[We got a bone to pick with you.]
[There's no food, no water...]
[Yeah. It's dinnertime, and there ain't no stinkin' entrées!]
[You and your petty complaints! You don't know what real hunger is!
Day after day it gnaws at the very core of my being.]
[I had that once. It was worms.]
[No, no, no. It's like an itch...deep, persistent, profound...]
[That's it, worms! When they get really bad all you gotta do is...hunker down and scoot.]
[Thanks for the tip. Ingrates! If it weren't for me, you'd be beating off buzzards for your next bite!]

Yeah, you're our savior, thanks a bunch
But how about some lunch?
It doesn't matter if it's fresh
I need a fix of flesh
My bones have moved to where they've never been
They are on the outside looking in

[Are you blaming me?!]
[Oh, no! It's the lionesses.]

You are so adored
You are so adored!

[That's more like it!]

But what I'd give for one more hit
Of wildebeest kielbasa
Or maybe hornbill on the spit...
Oh, how I miss Mufasa!

[Mufasa?! Mufasa?! How dare you! I told you never to mention that name!]
[Note taken. I shall never mention "M-m-m" again.]

[Even in death, his shadow looms over me.
There he is!
No! There he is!
And there!]

[Calm yourself, sire, or you'll get another one of your splitting headaches!]

I am perfectly fine!
I'm better than Mufasa was
I'm revered
I am reviled
I'm idolized
I am despised
I'm keeping calm
I'm going wild!
I tell myself I'm fine
Yes, I am, no, you're not
Yes, I am, no, you're not
I tell myself I'm fine
No, you're not, yes, I am, no, you're not
Yes, I am
No, you're not
Yes, I am, no, who am I talking to...?

[Oh, pull yourself together, sire!]
[Oh, very well.

[Zazu? Zazu, Zazu, Zazu...?]
[Yes, sire?]
[Nobody loved me. There's the rub. Not even as a cub.
What did my brother have that I don't have?]
[Do you want the short list or the long?]
[Well, he had adoring subjects, a loving family, a devoted queen...]
[That's it! I need a queen!]
[A what?]
[A queen, man! A queen! Without a queen, what am I? A dead end, no line, no descendants,
no future. With a queen, I'll have...cubs. Immortality will be mine. Immortality will be mine!]

[Ah, Nala. Your timing couldn't have been more perfect. My, how you've grown!]
[Scar, you have to do something. We're being forced to overhunt!]

She's got those assets feminine
[You're the king. Control the hyenas.]
I have to make her mine
[You're destroying the Pride Lands!]
Nobility in every gene
[If we don't stop now... Don't you see...]
She has to be my queen
[There's still a chance for things to be all right again...]

Come, sweet Nala
It's written in the stars
[What are you doing? Are you listening to me?]
We'll create a host of little Scars
[What are you talking about?]
Tell me I'm adored
[Get away from me!]
Tell me I'm adored

[Oh, Nala...you know how I loathe violence. One way or another, you will be mine.]
[Never, Scar. Never!]

You belong to me
You all belong to me!

Other Appearances

  • The deleted version of the movie has appeared as additional content in some domestic releases.
  • The musical's version was featured in the show's soundtrack.






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