"Thaegan's Riddle" is song/riddle sung by the Golden-eyed giant about Sorceress Thaegan in Deltora Quest. Thaegan's children sing a short version every time they make an introduction.


Sorceress Thaegan gulps her favourite food,
In her cave with all her brood
And the names of her children are,
Hot, Tot, Jin, Jod,
Fie, Fly, Zan, Zod, Pik, Snik,
Lun, Lod and of course the dreaded Ichabod
Each child holds a slimy toad,
On each toad squirms two fat grubs
On each grub rides two fleas brave,
Here's my riddle and so beware,
Answer this riddle now if you dare,
How many thing's are living in Thaegan's cave?




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