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Star-Crossed Lovers is a song from the 2017 series OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes, featured in the episode "Rad Likes Robots". It is sung by Radicles and Shannon Boxman as they lament on their forbidden love.

The song is performed by Kari Wahlgren and Sterling Jarvis.


My archenemy's heart
Is crying
To the moon
I should fight
And destroy him
But I can't help but swoon

I'm a good guy
You're a bad one
I know that's your role
But to my surprise
I see that you've been
Programmed with a soul

And though my circuits tell me to smash your head in with a mace
All I can think about is
Kissing your face!

We're star-crossed lovers
And we should
Be apart
But, no more punches from us
Only tender love and heart


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