"Sniper Vs. Widowmaker" is a rap battle song by VideoGameRapBattles (Cameron Greely) featuring Sniper from Team Fortress 2 and Widowmaker from Overwatch.

The voice of Widowmaker was provided by Eile Monty, and the voice of Sniper was provided by Greely himself.


A professional has standards that includes efficiency
In the discardin’ of my targets put them out their misery
When I am dissin’ on the beat this hitman is making the heat
While all your boring allegories put a Sydney boy to sleep
I am an old fashion assassin you’re a cold passionless ratchet
See how slow your heart tempo is once I go squash an arachnid
And my bow blasts unattractive widows kissing her goodbye
You’re gonna wish I was a soldier when I’ve got you in my sights

I can’t believe they got me pitted up against somebody
With a flow’s that’s only useful when you use it for Jarate
And his sniping’s seeming sloppy so it’s gotta be apparent
That this chicken amateur has let me down more than his parents
Oh did that one sting? If that is the case than it’s no wonder
Your HP is by far the lowest of your brothers
Machetes will not help when I behead this hunter
C'est la vie, put you back into the land down under

Wow mates now feast your eyes, the widow spins a web a lies
Because her mind’s so weak and blind She had her husband sniped at night
After the talon wiped her mind and now she finds herself a spy
But you know I tend to remind your kind to surrender your lives
I’m fortified, gotta spit hard rhymes and unload on a bloke I’m a flow carbine
Till your cold heart dies do you feel alive when I load up a bullet to blow your mind?
The literal kind, after the genocide collect my profit
Won’t be trouble you’ve been pummeled by a kid rocking a gauntlet

I find it quite surprising that you still insist on trying
Shouldn’t need my infra sight to realize your game is dying
And yet I wouldn’t be lying if I said you make me laugh
I’ll put you down out outback, I’m quite experienced at junking rats
Try and chase me down while I am swinging from my grapple line
Outwit you then I’ll ditch you once you trip this venom mine
It’s one shot, one kill, mercy killing is my brand
It’ll be more painless over all your slowly dying fans

I’m a hired hand you’re a bold crazy
Bit my stuff for long enough just F-O-A-D
And go back to ballet cause with that big ego that you got
I don’t even need scope to know your head is getting shot

Wanna keep your job? then I suggest you run and hide
Going toe to toe with me, snipers tend to lose an eye
And keep preaching that you’re stable we all know you’re really sick
And compensating for the fact you killed your family as a kid




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