"Slenderman vs. Herobrine Part 2", also spelled "Slender Man vs. Herobrine Part 2" is a rap battle by VideoGameRapBattles (Cameron Greely) featuring Slender Man, one of his Proxies, and Herobrine from Minecraft urban legends. It is also a sequel to his first battle between the two, Slender Man vs. Herobrine.

Slender Man and Herobrine were played by Greely himself, and the Proxy was played by WoodenHornets. However, they were all voiced by Greely.


[Video Game Rap Battles!
Player 1: Herobrine!
Player 2: Slenderman!]


[Uh... fight!]

It’s time you read between the lines, I beat you the first time
And you know round 2 is mine, it’s over, I’ll end you, Herobrine
The bell has tolled, it’s time to die, drum’s pounded, Slender’s arrived
So focus with your blank eyes and collect all eight of my rhymes
Welcome to my endless woods, this Prison's no longer a game
I’m crushing Toby and PewDiePie
While you're confirmed fake by Mojang
Deceased Swede, let’s see what you got, I think it’s time I kicked it up a Notch
My ninth page been written, it’s lesson taught?
The Overseer killed this fake Mod

You feeling nervous Slendy?
Your looking even more pale than before
You’re standing pretty tall
Is there something Slender you’re compensating for?
Faceless rapists aren’t frightening
Collecting pages isn’t exciting
And I’m dropping my sword
Let's see you take a bolt of lightning!
I’m a pixelated nightmare, your Arrival just lags the game
Why do I bother battling you? I should just slash set time to day
All remain in fear of the homicidal Minecraft Anti-God
Still looking for twenty dollars, huh?
Well, I'll make it rain with your blood!

You’ll be running back to your
Short render distance before I’m done
Driven insane from my shear terror, locked up in my Sanatorium
But there is no escaping the faceless night entity of fright
You're not alone, turn around, I hope you brought your flashlight

Let’s play a little game, unknown and unnamed
Followed the Master in the past, then driven insane
Now I only know his way, to never see the light of day
Hunting down The Lord’s prey, make sure it never escapes
I can be all around, never making a sound
I’m up in the air now stalking down on the ground
Your death begins now, run your soulless heart out
Herobrine’s Hell bound, the time’s come to pounce

Welcome to the Nether, Slender
My abode on Hardcore Survival Mode
Take that Gollum proxy and go, run from this demonic flow
You can’t escape my Chateau, I’ll watch you suffer for show
Burn you like the Michael Jackson you are
With Kristen Stewart's face though
I keep the balance through slaughter
And I’ve entered your server, Slenderman
You’re one of kind? Well keep in mind my army of Endermen!
So I’ve heard your terrible rhymes, and I’ve owned them, all eight
So does my screen go static now?
No, I’ll make your world erased

[Game over
Chose your character
Video Game Rap Battles!]




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