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"Slender Man vs. Insanity Wolf" is a rap battle from the animated internet series Animeme Rap Battles. The song features a duel between Slender Man and Insanity Wolf.

It was performed by Redminus as both characters.


[Insanity Wolf, why'd you tie me up in this tree in a playground with a chainsaw?
Where'd all the kids go?
Slender Man, why you got all those tentacles? You ain't no octopus
Octopuses live in the ocean!
We on land right now! You ain't a squid
Slender Man, ahh!]

I'm a legend, not a folktale
And I'm definitely not a myth
I'll come out of this smoke veil dimension
And force choke you like a Sith
Did I fail to mention
I own these woods you call your home
You have now entered 'Slenderland'
All dogs go to heaven right?
Wrong, little b*tches go to Slender Man
I'm the silhouette you see standing in the fog
Yo-yo your leash, watch me walk the dog
I'll chop off your legs
Make you fetch your own bones
I'm the sole reason wolves don't hunt alone
Whenever you have nightmares
I'll be the one delivering them
You're famous for having a disorder?
I'm famous for giving them

What could you do to me that I wouldn't already do to myself?
I'll rip out all my fur and down some Drano for my health
What happened to your face?
Child neglect?
You look like a scrapped Tim Burton project
I wear Louis Vuitton Cologne
It's the scent of his death
I was raised by wolves
If by wolves you mean crystal meth
You look like a waiter
You got me all nervous down here
If I say your name three times fast
Will I get some service around here?
You know this is your funeral
It's why you've chosen to dress in black
Once I throw into the wolves
There won't be nothing to throwback

Put me six feet deep?
I'll still tower over you
I could kill you just by putting chocolate in your food
I'm the boy who cried wolf
You're a sheep in wolf's threads
I go bump in the night
You go hump on a leg
Now hold still
This might hurt a little bit
You can howl at the moon
But the moon don't give a sh*t
You think you're insane?
You're not even hurtful
When I'm through you'll be in the Sarah McLachlan commercials

I bit off Satan's head then killed him
The hounds of Hell are my children
I'm a hoarder of horror
And you're just a boogeyman with an eating disorder
Your face is blank
What up, John Doe?
I'll paint it with a shank
Call me Van Gogh
I'm a psycho killer
I'm Air Bud with rabies
Oh, you like little kids?
Say hi to my babies

Other Appearances

  • The song was included in the album Season 2.
  • An instrumental version was included in the album Instrumentals / Beats.




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