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"Rugrats Theory" is an instrumental piano fan theme for the animated television series Rugrats, composed and performed by YouTube musical artist Lucas King. The song is actually based on the "Rugrats Theory", an infamous fan theory/Creepypasta of the series. It is a horror cover of the series opening with some liberties taken with the tune.

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the album Creepypasta Themes.



  • The "Rugrats Theory" suggests that all of the babies that appear in the series are figments of series antagonist Angelica Pickles' imagination and are derived from tragedies and accidents: Chuckie died in birth, Tommy was a stillborn, Kimi was made up, and the DeVille twins were the result of an abortion. Dil was a live baby, but suffered a mental and physical deformation when Angela attacked him.

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