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"Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance" (ロッテンガールグロテスクロマンス) is a song produced by Machigerita-P and performed by VOCALOID Miku Hatsune. It features a girl as she obsesses over and stalks her neighbor, leading to her murdering another girl he was seeing. It is the first song in the "Love, or Wishes and Delusions" series.


Atashi anata ni koi suru tame ni umaretano kashira?
Usui kabe goshi ni iuwa hitori tsubuyaku "aishite"

Asari tsuzukeru aijō kurai misshitsu no naka de
Itoshiki anata no okao furete nadete mitai na

Korewa korewa okyaku sama? kireina onna no ko ne
Sonna ni suki nara itte? koroshite hako ni tsumeru wa!

Moeru shashin utsuru ano ko
Ima dōshiteru kashira? lol
Atashi no koto suki ni saseru wa
Hora konna nimo aishite iru kara...
Anata o "kugi" zuke hyōhon ni shitai wa

Nande anata naite iru no?
Dōshita no? kore no koto?

Danbōru ni tsume konda karada goto daite ageru

Door no mukō gawa ni present oku no
Anata ga sukina ko neko no kubi o mainichi hitotsu zutsu

Moeru shashin utsuru ano ko
Sonna ko itano kashira? lol
"Aishite iru yo" sonna kotoba
Karu sugite hedo ga deru wa yone
"Atashi wa anata o eien aishiteru…"

Was I born to be in love with you?
Through this thin wall I mumble alone, "Love me."

I keep hunting your personal love information
In the closed door of myself

I wish I could touch your face, stroke your face, my sweetheart
Oh my, my, you have a guest?
What a pretty girl she is!
Tell me how much you love her
I'll kill her and pack her up

Burning photos of that girl
I wonder what she is doing now, LOL
You can do anything you want to me
Because I love you this much, you see?
I wanna keep you completely riveted and I wanna have a collection of you

Why are you crying?
What's wrong? Oh, this one?

I'll affectionately hold a cardboard box that you'll be put in when you're dead
I'll put a present behind the door
A kitten head every single day for you, a cat lover

Burning photos of that girl
I wonder if she'd ever existed, LOL
"I love you" Such a cliche doesn't satisfy me
But makes me wanna puke
"I will eternally love you…"

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the album Fallen and on the compilation albums EX:P ~Ex:Producers~ and GOTHIC & HORROR.






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