"Reviewing the Situation (Reprise)" is the final song in the stage musical Oliver! and its 1968 film adaptation of the same name. It features Fagin considering reforming until he is approached by his protégé Jack Dawkins, a.k.a. the Artful Dodger.


Character Original London Cast Original Broadway Cast 1968 Film 1983 London Revival 1984 Broadway Revival 1994 London Revival 2009 London Revival 2011 U.K. Tour Revival
Fagin Ron Moody Clive Revill Ron Moody Ron Moody Ron Moody Jonathan Pryce Rowan Atkinson Brian Conley

Neil Morrissey

Dodger Martin Horsey Davy Jones Jack Wild David Garlick David Garlick Adam Searles

Paul Bailey

Ethan Williams

Jack Glister
Robert Madge

Joseph Potter

Will Edden
Max Griesbach
Archie Murphy
Daniel Huttlestone


Can somebody change? Possible
Maybe it's strange, but it's possible
For my dearest companions and treasures
Have left them behind
I'll turn a leaf over
And who can tell who can tell what I may find

[Yes, young man?
And do I ha]ve the honor of your acquaintance?

[Only the best. Lovely workmanship, ain't it?]

I'm reviewing the situation

Once the villain, you're a villain to the end

Your light fingers

Your inspiration

What a team

Am I your partner?

More a friend
For your talent is employable
So make your life enjoyable
A world with pockets open wide
Await your whim to grope inside

Collections undetectable

We might retire respectable

Together 'til our dying day

The living proof that crime can pay

I think we'll have to think it out again! Hey!

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song appeared on the following albums:
    • Oliver!
    • Oliver! (Original Cast Recording)
    • Oliver! (The Original Cast Recording) [Remastered]
    • Oliver! - 1994 London Palladium Cast Recording
    • Oliver (Original Soundtrack)
    • Oliver (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    • Oliver the Musical
    • Greatest Musicals Double Feature: Oliver and My Fair Lady
    • Lionel Bart's Oliver








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