"Reflect" is a fan song based on the animated series Steven Universe created and performed by the internet music artist Princess Rizu. It features Lapis Lazuli (when she was still trapped with Jasper as Malachite) singing about how Steven's kindness makes her wanting to start over but her traumas are still too strong to simply just forget about everything.


My thousands of years alone
Taken from my home
Trapped in lonely cold reflections
Could never prepare me now
For the suffering I face

But even through my chains and never ending agony
I close my eyes, your smiling face quiets the misery

You saved me when no one would
You believe in good
Oh, can I believe like you do?
I feel your contagious love
But I cannot yet forgive

Don't give me apologies
They have broken me
"Sorry" will not mend the fractures
Stop trying to set me free
Please just let me keep you safe

When I was free I flew back to the place I once called home
Only to find it's nothing like the home I once had known

I lie in a tortured state
With a gem I hate
Thoughts of you, my only comfort
I may nevermore be free
But I'll have time to reflect

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song was released as a single.




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