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"Psy vs. Kim Jong Un" is a rap battle from the animated internet series Animeme Rap Battles. It features a duel between the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un and the South Korean singer Psy.

The song was performed by Kim Jong Un's voice actor Bart (from the JustKiddingFilms YouTube channel) and Psy's voice actor Timothy DeLaGhetto.


Sigh? You mean what I did when I saw you in a lawn chair, laying down
Watching little boys on the playground? And if you took off your shades now
Nobody'd know who you are
B*tch, I'm a star!
Me and D-Rod gon make Rush Hour 4!
You can find us where the chicks are chillin'
Don't bring the yellow dude, the guy looks like a Pixar villain!

You should rub your tummy for good luck, Chuck
Cause when you said "Launch" you meant "Lunch" uh
You're a f*ck up
When I said nuke the Chinese
I meant put the take out in the microwave, op
You suck Dennis' rod man, you're a black guy's bitch
Kim Jong Kardashian!

I'm seizing power, and will destroy!
Like the Bolsheviks in 1917, You're the Korean Solja Boy!
Your fat jokes don't affect me! I'm the King of the North!
And winter is coming
Hide your twin daughters
You've got YouTube fans?
I've got White Walkers!

I'm south side, I'll eat your Seoul
I'll turn you into Kimchi
You're less of a communistic threat than a movie producer in the '50s!
You grew up in Switzerland, I'll freakin' Tobler-own you!
I'm a mother, father, Gentleman
My father would disown you

Gentleman? Didn't you get the memo?
Nice guys finish last!
You're not gonna be able to Gangnam Style when I put your arm in a cast!
You're a fad!
You're just mad you no longer top of the Billboard Charts!
Now I'll hang you from the top of the Billboard in Parts!
I'm a North Korean leader, baller, fortune cookie reader
And an Asian p*ssy-eater
You're lamer than Justin Bieber!
You got a little Psy-dick, and a brittle sidekick
I'm worth 5 billion
This is genocide, b*tch

You a clock without a tick
That's right, you're all talk!
5 billion dollars?
How many chocolate factories have you bought?
I do blow, sit top shelf
You will blow, up your self!
Your army's small, you get picked last
You're too short, for Six Flags!
You're not King of the North, b*tch
You dead!
You Jon Snow, bastard son of Ned!
They call you a leader, they say you're supreme?
But only cause your stomach's always filed with sour cream!
Gangnam style!

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song was released as a single.
  • An instrumental version was included in the album Instrumentals / Beats.




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