"Our Little Horror Story" is a fan song by the internet music artist Aviators based on the horror video game Five Nights at Freddy's 3. It is sung from the perspective of William Afton after becoming Springtrap.

It was performed by Aviators himself.


A voice calls
A cry in the dark
Telling me to crawl to the light
But I won't
The show has just begun
I'm giving one last encore tonight

Five nights left to find you
One last thing to tend to
You'll fear what I can do
But you'll never run
Ghosts warn of my actions
But I'm the main attraction
You'll bring my satisfaction
Our little horror story's just begun

I believe
After this final stand
The end will come, but not until you're gone
I'm haunted
A killer in cage
Using my undoing as my pawn

These metal gears and parts
Contain my purple heart
They had their sweet revenge
And brought me to an end
Now I'm the monster here
I'll make you disappear
One last show to put on
After tonight you're gone

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song was featured in the album Fever.
  • A new acoustic version was included in the album Acoustic II.


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