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"Orders 1-65" is a song based on the Star Wars franchise from the adult stop-motion parody television series Robot Chicken. It features Emperor Palpatine singing about all his plans to Darth Vader. The song is a parody of the American folk song "Turkey in the Straw"

It was performed by Seth Macfarlane as the Emperor.


Capture me a Wookie,
Kick a princess in the cookie
Sabotage the espionage of a Bothan spy
Activate the trash compactor
Let's protect the main reactor
Stab a smuggler in the jugular and watch him die
Corrupt a teen from Tatooine
Manipulate a Gungan and
Kill the Naboo's queen
Trap a Mon Calamari
Take a Tauntaun on safari
Hit a topless bar on Mustafar with artist Ralph McQuarrie

Number 13 Find investors
Number 14 Make a Death Star
While your at it draw some plans up for my Death Star II
I'll unmask a dirty Jawa
Crank-call General Dodonna
Clone a load of cannon fodder out on Kamino

[You know what, I'll just email you a PDF or something]




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