"One of Us" is a song from the animated television series Donkey Kong Country, appearing in the season two episode "Ape-Nesia". It features King K. Rool attempt to manipulate an amnesiac Donkey Kong, who believes he is Donkey Croc under Kaptain Skurvy, that he is Donkey Rool and part of the Kremlings.


Well listen here, while I make it clear
I can't believe you can't see what we see here
A crocodile, the superior species
You're Donkey Croc, initials D.C.
Looking at your claws
You could be one of my in-laws!

'Cause you're one of us! One of us!
You're mean and green, scaly sheen
Can't you see you're one of us?
You walk the walk, my brother Croc
Arm in arm, together we rock!

Well, if what you say is true
Then I guess we're brothers
Same color with a similar hue
With these fangs and this scaly skin
There's no question that we're family, next of kin

'Cause I'm one of you! One of you!
Same crew, nothing I can do
I can see I'm one of you
One of you! One of you! The same crew!
I'm really one of you!


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