"One Winged Office" is a fan song written by AJ Pinkerton for the Final Fantasy franchise. It is sung from the perspective of Sephiroth as he goes through a day at his office job. It is a parody of the song One-Winged Angel.

The song is performed by a chorus.


6 A.M.!
Running late for work again!
Be there
Down a mocha latte blend!

Traffic jam!

Red light cam!

Use excel
They won't open
They're from hell!
Mouse won't
Work as well
Clearly this was made by Dell

Out of ink!

Paper's pink!

Try to eat bologna sandwich
Get a text on phone
Boss won't leave you alone!

Standing in your boss' office
His ideas all stink
Wants to know what you think!

Tell him
How you

Try this
For real!

Your meeting went well
Now get out of his office!
(He'll consider your pay raise)

Make a beeline for the door
It is only 3:04
Someone's calling
It's for you
Take a message
Going poo

Someone's paging
Beeper's on
"Leave me be, I'm on the john"
Banging on adjacent stall
Make escape run down the hall!

"Are you finished?"
"I don't know!"
Elevator goes to slow
30 emails
Cover blown
Putting phone in airplane mode!

Fire exit
Take the stairs
Trip alarm but you don't care
Sirens sounding
Almost there
Five more steps until fresh air!

Tires gone!

End of Song!


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