"Oh Yeah!", is a recurring song from the anime series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure. It serves as Alala's second image song, while her first song has the power to cause headaches to her enemies, this one has the ability to attract men.

It was performed by Alala's voice actress Kurata Masayo.


[Oh Yeah! Alala!]
[Oh Yeah!]

Tokimeki ni haatsu muumuu ne
Odoru kutsu
Anata he to kakete yuku
Meiku shite
Kitai shite
Anata e to tobikomu
Oh yeah!
(Oh yeah!)

Toshiue no anata wa
kodomo datte watashi no odeko wo
Kozuite iru kedo mitete
Gacchiri anata no haato wo
Pitashi tsukande miseru kara ne...
Gakugo yoroshiku!
Tomadoi ni ureukare machisenaka

Anata no hiroi mune
Kisu wo shite
Raibu shite
Ima koso hajikeru zo
Oh yeah!

[Oh Yeah! Alala!]
[Oh Yeah!]

Don't you think?
I'm pounding with excitement!
Dancing all around!
Pick you up and lift you off of the ground!
Expecting it all, flying to your heart,
Pick it up, it's rich for you baby
Oh yeah!
(Oh yeah!)

When you're leaving your old schools and, as a child you're
Holding that precious treasure you have
However it's secret,
And possible, somehow
Give your heart a secret test!
Don't you think? Use the shell of that picture you dreamt
Isn't it so nice to meet you!
(Nice to meet you!)

The frame that is waiting for you there, to fill it up
with that painting you imagined!
Kiss me! I want to find the love letter you sent
When we were kids, just you and me,
Oh yeah!




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