"Night Queen" is a fan song written by internet music artists Jyc Row and performed by Felicia Farerre, based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is from the point of view of a priestess of a cult that worships Nightmare Moon and is about the eternal night that her reign will bring.

The same year the original version was released, a VIP (variation in progression) version with a guitar accompaniment made by PrinceWhateverer was released on Halloween day.

Lyric Edit

The darkness covering the light

Full moon
She is returning soon
To avenge the curse, the pain

Day will cease
Eternal black she brings
In her wings

When she rides
Night will last forever
Only stars will fill the sky


Battle lines
Her army gathers to her side

Hear them cry
“Sweet victory”
Watch the hero rise


Fate of the sun eclipsing
The reign of night has come


Other AppearancesEdit

  • The original version was featured in the compilation album Rebirth Vol. II made by Ponies at Dawn, and on Jyc Row's album Jyc Row Orchestral Compilation Vol. 3 - LUNAR.
  • An instrumental version of the original was included in Jyc Row's album Instrumental Collection.
  • The VIP version was released as a single and later featured in the album Jyc Row Orchestral Compilation Vol. 4.
  • An instrumental of the VIP version was featured in the album Instrumental Collection 2.


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