"Mutts Drive Me Nuts" is a song sung by Katrina and Brattina Stoneheart from the animated television series Pound Puppies, in the episode "Garbage Night: The Musical".

The song was performed by Katrina's voice actress Pat Carroll and Brattina's voice actress Adrienne Alexander.


Mutts drive me nuts
They're a doggone disease
When I get my hands on them
All I ever get are fleas

When I nab Cooler it won't be to soon
He's made my whole life a dog day afternoon

When I lock them up
Inside of a pen
It's me who ends up
The doghouse again

I can't think anything to add to that
Can you?

Sure, they're nasty
And yucky
And eww....
Icky poo!

I'll say it again
With no if, ands or buts
Dogs drive me crazy
And mutts....

Drive me nuts!




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