"Mother Changeling" is a fan song written by internet music artist Sand Josieph based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It is from the point of view of Queen Chrysalis comforting her "children" after their defeat at Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's wedding and promising them that they will attack again and that time they will win.

It was performed by Amelia Bedelia as Chrysalis and a two different chorus (one for children voices and other for adult ones) as the changelings.

The song uses the tune of the song "Habanera" from the opera Carmen.


My darling dears your mother's here
My love protects you there's no need to fear
I'm so sorry it all went wrong
Let me sing you a little song
We took the bride I took her form
And all of you prepared a mighty swarm
But our efforts were brought down low.
Tears of joy turned to tears of woe.

But Worry not your mother has a plan
We will return and will take back the land
Strength in numbers we have on staff
So we will have the final laugh.
Now listen close to what I have to say
Prepare to fly and we will win the day
If you're patient we'll carry on
And our foes will all soon be gone.

We must be smart we must be wise
we must be quick if we're to claim the prize
Their dear princess controls the sun
And she's worshipped by ev'ryone
Her protege and all her friends
Must be dealt with before the story ends
Careful planning is what we need
This is what mother has decreed.

(We the hivemind we the swarm have faith in our mother
She inspires us and teaches us and calms us during storms
If only others knew her love they wouldn't see a bad girl
For it's her love that keeps us safe out there in a cruel world)

I can hear your song
It makes me proud to know you all are strong
Stretch your wings and prepare for flight
Bare your teeth and prepare to bite
Now rise and sing and call my name
Equestria will never be the same
We must act now the time is soon
To take down both the sun and moon

And then we'll feast at any time of day
And we will rule in ev'ry single way 
No more hiding we will be free
When the ponies look up to see
A mighty swarm consuming the whole world
A changeling army with its fangs unfurled
Food aplenty for all our kin
Over others we all shall win.

We the swarm will take whatever lands upon our plates
We don't care what price we must pay!
And in any kind of weather we all have to stick together,
And we don't want it any other way!
Let's feed!

Yes I do so love my brood
It's my heart that feeds them food.
I won't let harm come to what is mine!

Hurry now we must take care 
We must be ready and we can't fight fair
With the buzzing of countless wings
Gather all your most precious things
And follow me as we take flight
We can't stop now because the time is right
Raise your voices and fill the air
Hidden monsters; we're ev'rywhere.

The ponies' time is coming to an end
An age of changelings will begin again
We will conquer and we will rule
And the ponies will be our fools.
They all will fall for our grand masquerade
And they won't doubt the faces on parade
Let's make haste so we can proceed
This is what mother has decreed!

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The song was featured, along with an instrumental version and a radio edit, on the album Mother Changeling - Album.
  • The song's different tracks (music, main voice, chorus, etc.) were featured separately on the album Mother Changeling Resource Tracks.


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