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"Merry F**king Christmas" is a song from the season three episode "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" from the adult animated television series South Park. It features Mr. Garrison teaching his class about the countries from the world that don't celebrate Christmas.

It was performed by Mr. Garrison's voice actor, Trey Parker.


I heard there is no Christmas
In the silly Middle East
No trees, no snow, no Santa Claus
They have different religious beliefs

They believe in Muhammad
And not in our holiday
And so every December
I go to the Middle East and say...

Hey there Mr. Muslim!
Merry f*cking Christmas!
Put down that book the Quran
And hear some holiday wishes!

In case you haven't noticed,
It's Jesus' birthday!
So get off your heathen Muslim ass
and f*cking celebrate!

There is no holiday season
in India I've heard
They don't hang up their stockings
And that is just absurd!

They've never read a Christmas story
They don't know what Rudolph is about
And that is why in December
I'll go to India and shout...

Hey there Mr. Hinduist!
Merry f*cking Christmas!
Drink eggnog and eat some beef
And pass it to the missus!

In case you haven't noticed,
It's Jesus' birthday!
So get off your heathen Hindu ass
and f*cking celebrate!

Now I heard that in Japan
Everyone just lives in sin
They pray to several gods
And put needles in their skin.

On December 25
All they do is eat a cake
And that is why I go to Japan
And walk around and say...

Hey there Mr. Shintoist!
Merry f*cking Christmas!
God is gonna kick your ass
You infidelic pagan scum!

In case you haven't noticed,
There's festive things to do!
So let's all rejoice for Jesus
And Merry f*cking Christmas to you.

On Christmas Day
I travel 'round the world and say
Taoists, Krishnas, Buddhists, and all you atheists too
Merry Fucking Christmas to you!

[Thank you Mr. Hat.]]

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the album Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics.




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