"Mechanical Instinct" is a fan song by internet music artist Aviators based on the horror video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's .The song is sung from the perspective of the night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza about how is being stalked by the animatronics.

An original version of the song was released in 2014. In 2017, a new dark acoustic version was released. Both versions were performed by Aviators himself.


One step at a time
I'm going outta my mind
I'm being hunted by something primal
They're just simple machines
Yet tainted souls they seem
For five nights I'll fear for my survival
Are they mechanical
They hunt like animals
Freezing for seconds while see their corpses
I'm getting panicked now
I'm locking this place down
I'm feeling watched by unnatural forces

Looks like I'd better run for my life
I'll never be in one piece to see night five
I've got eleven on my tail, with no time to think
Of a way to survive mechanical instinct

Just an hour more
I'm closer than before
To making it out of this ghastly madhouse
I'm feeling desperate
I'm starting to regret
Taking my chances with no way out
Who's walking down the hall?
I can't keep track of them all
A music box plays my dying song
This is my one escape
The mask still on my face
But they have known I've been here all along

Here, all alone in the darkness
Why, can't I escape their soulless eyes
It's a lost cause now
They've got my scent, and I can't get out
Now, i'm afraid to look because
They, are just beasts to hunt me down
With no way fight back, the night is already over

Mechanical instinct
Mechanical instinct

Other Appearances

  • The original version was featured in the album Flying Under the Radar: The Singles.
  • The dark acoustic version was featured in the album Acoustic II.




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