"Master of Everyone's Ears" is a song from the 1982 animated television special The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat. It features the Grinch as he shows off his noise-altering machine to the Cat in the Hat.

The song was performed by the Grinch's voice actor, the late Bob Holt.


On again off again
Make the sound cough again
I am the boss of what everyone hears
The sound of your voice
Is the sound of my choice
I am the master of everyone's ears

With the flick of my thumb
With the greatest of ease
If I wish I can stop
All the buzzing of bees

And as for your lovebirds
I can't stand their chirping
So I just push my button
Your lovebirds start burping

The sounds that you make are the sounds of my choice
I can make you sound better
Or make you sound worse

When your bull goes out wooing
There'll be no more mooing
[bell dinging]
When I wish to hear moos
I could hear them from youse

I can fuzzle the sound of what everyone hears
I'm the puzzle the master of everyone's





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