"Marketplace" is a song from Dreamworks' 2000 direct-to-video animated film Joseph: King of Dreams. It is sung from the perspective of Egypt's slavery system while Joseph is being sold as a slave, with the song telling him how his new life is going to be like.

It was performed by a chorus.


Behold the glory, behold the wonder
What we have made shall not be torn asunder
Such vast achievement stone and papyrus
Beneath the gaze of Isis and Osiris

Land of majesty
Where the heavens smile
Jewel of history shining
By the Nile

Serve and be silent
You who are chattel
We think of you as little more than cattle
This is your lot now and we advise you
To bow before whatever master buys you

Feel the power here
Power has its price
Some can live like gods
Some must sacrifice...

Through the centuries many backs have bent
Many dreams are built
Many lives are spent

Look and be humbled, learn what your place is
Egyptian slave no matter what your race is
This is your future your life suspended
And everything you knew before has ended

You are Egypt's now
We have all control
From your every step
To your very soul




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