"Lucario Vs. Mewtwo" is a rap battle song by VideoGameRapBattles (Cameron Greely) featuring Lucario and Mewtwo from the Pokémon franchise.

The voice of Mewtwo was provided by DaddyPhatSnaps, and the voice of Lucario was provided by Greely himself.


[Pokémon Rap Battles!


Think you'd outspeed me? Sorry though
Coming out with the extreme speed Aura flow
and now you're all alone, and Lucario
has got a bone to pick with this failed clone
Shoulda brought your squad sir
if you wanna stop me
You ain't on the roster,
how you gonna brawl these
palms with the force
Get your mom teleport
Leave a Ditto for opponents
because all you do is copy
Stop what you're doing, I saw all your stupid
thoughts and movements, your Aura speaks to me
And it says that you messed up
Stressed from the pressure
of coming out the test tube of Giovanni's team!
You're psychic despite
you don't need to be to see
that behind all your might
you're a pussy underneath
I'm the god steel dog, better be steadfast
I'll show you how a pharaoh
can entomb a cat

And would you look at that
I did not expect a match
Guess the rat can still rap
while he's trapped in the staff
of his dead little friend
By the time this battle ends
I bet Sir Aaron will rejoice
'cause you'll reunite again
You think you got the inner focus, new kid?
'Cause I be the psycho cutting through it
All your echo bars are a nuisance
Who you callin' clone?
Check your Smash Brothers move set
If you think you'll beat the king you're in confusion
Your strength is a facade and I can prove it
Boost to my X Form so I gain the fight
to be super effective to both of your types
You must have amnesia if you cannot see
why they brought me back to the Smash as DLC
You're the off-branded me
that swapped colors that's all
It makes sense that your verse
left us all with blue balls

Think you cause hysteria? I counter all your blows
and I break your barrier
The combat's coming close
In your cave you're hidin' from the truth, Lucario
is always dropping diamonds
You turn listeners to stone

Just stop you're lyin', my Psybeam has got the flow
that's gonna make things violent
Crush the minds of all my foes
And I'm bored of steel
I know that everybody would
pray that Sword and Shield
will cut you out the game for good!

[Game over!
Choose your Pokémon!
Pokémon Rap Battles!]




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