"Love is for Peasants" is a song from the 2007 animated direct-to-video film Barbie as the Island Princess. It features Queen Ariana as she tries to convince her daughter Princess Luciana that love is beneath them.

It was performed by Queen Ariana's voice actress Andrea Martin and Princess Luciana's voice actress Candice Nicole.


Love is for peasants, which we're obviously not.
Who needs a heart that's going to bleed?
It's inconvenient and just makes you hot.
Let Mama tell you what you need.

Not just any clown—someone with a crown—
And a happy life is guaranteed.

[But mother, that can't be right.]

[Did you say something?]

All the books I've read,
All the poems always said
That a heart is made to share.
Joy's not found in things
Such as necklaces and rings
But in love that's always there.
That's the jewel beyond compare!

You need to stop reading those books,
Filling your head with thoughts!
Now go, Luciana.
Do something to make yourself prettier.

[Yes, Mother.]

The king's forgotten
How he wrecked my family's life
When I was just a tiny tot.
Just cause we tried to kill him and his wife
A little treason, not a lot.

He took away our land,
Which wasn't what we planned.
He put us on a pig farm and forgot!

I ran away and I must say
I cleaned up good.
My past was nothing I'd discuss.
I found the oldest king that I could,
His heart condition was a plus!

Sunday we were wed,
Wednesday he was dead!
Happily that put an end to us!

But when I heard that
Good King Peter had a son,
I had a daughter right away!
Put her in training so she'd be the one!
Oh, how I've waited for this day!

Once they tie the knot,
I'll implement my plot
Then I'll use the king's head for croquet!
I'll take what should be mine,
And leave him with the swine,
And I'll have my way...
They're gonna pay!

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the film's soundtrack.




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