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"Let The Monster Rise" is a song from the horror rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera. The song is about Nathan Wallace and his daughter Shilo as they confront each other over Shilo being out of the house and Nathan being an assassin. In anger Shilo condemns her father while Nathan decides if he can't protect her as her father he will do so as the Repo Man.

The song is preformed by the actors Anthony Stewart Head and Alexa Vega.


Didn't I tell you not to go out? Didn't I?

You did, you did.

Didn't I say the world was cruel? Didn't I?

You did, you did.

Then tell me how this happened, what I did wrong, tell me why.
Can't we just go home, Shi, and forget this dreadful night?

Didn't you say that you were different? Didn't you?

I am, I am

Say you aren't that person. Say it.

I am, I am!

Then tell me how to act, dad, what to say, dad.
Tell me why all you've ever told me, every word is a lie!
Didn't you say that you'd protect me? Didn't you?

I tried, I tried!

Is that how you'd help me? Is it?

I tried, I tried!

Don't help me any more, dad. You are dead, dad, in my eyes.
Someone has replaced you. Dad, I hate you.
Go and die!

Didn't I build a house, a home, didn't I?
Didn't I raise her all alone, didn't I?
Then Rotti took her from me, stole my Shilo, he's to blame!
Have I failed my daughter?
Then let the father die!
And let the monster rise!


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