"Just 3 Days" is a fan song written and performed by Andrew "MandoPony" Stein for The Legend of Zelda franchise. The song is sung from the perspective of Skull Kid on how he desires revenge on the world with Majora's encouragement.


I was all on my own
I didn't care if anyone was there
The only time I didn't mind the company
Was when I found my

Funny bone, so I left my home
I had a knack for comedy
I loved to pull pranks and make believe
That someone noticed me

And it was all in good fun,
I had a great run,
Until I ran into a certain salesman
An ancient treasure called my name
And I was never the same...

Oh Majora,
What have you done to me?
I used to be so carefree
Now I can't escape this misery
Oh Majora,
I never want to show my face again
But in just 3 days,
It won't matter anyway

I was just a lost little boy
When I found my brand new toy
It opened up a world
For me to enjoy

It feels so good to be replaced
When the world says that you're a disgrace
Everyone will change their tune
When they see the moon

Shining down
And shedding her tears
For the Skull Kid
She befriended for years

And on my behalf
She will unleash her wrath
So don't you act surprised when I
Watch the flames and laugh.

Oh Majora,
What have you done for me?
I used to be so weak inside
But now this power I won't hide
Oh Majora,
I never want to see this place again
But in just 3 days,
It won't matter any way.

Now you may regret forgetting me
I've been waiting patiently
And now I've got the chance
To make you finally

See the pain cannot be undone
You called me an abomination!
Now there's no going back,
And nowhere to run!

Oh Majora,
What's become of me?
Revenge is mine, finally
But I still have this misery
Oh Majora,
Should I have trusted all
The things you say?
But in just 3 days...

It won't matter anyway.


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