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"It's a Wonderful Day for Pie" is a song from the season eight episode "Road to the Multiverse" of the animated television series Family Guy. It features an alternate dimension where everything is drawn by Disney, where the Griffin Family, along with their friends and neighbors, sing about having pie together.

The song was performed by Peter Griffin, Glen Quagmire, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Tom Tucker's voice actor and series creator Seth McFarlane; Lois Griffin's voice actress Alex Borstein; Joe Swanson's voice actor Patrick Warburton; John Herbert Silverbird and Cleveland Brown's voice actor Mike Henry; the late Adam West as himself; Jon Joyce, Bob Joyce, Rick Logan, and Randy Crenshaw as the barbershop quartet; and a chorus as Meg and Chris Griffin.


[Oh, Stewie and Brian, you're just in time for pie!]

[Did somebody say "pie?"]

It's a wonderful day for pie
You can ask all the birds in the sky
And they'll tell you real sweet, with a musical tweet:

It's a wonderful day for pie!

For pie!
For pie!
For pie!
For pie!

[This is wonderful, Brian! Oh, let's live in this universe.]

[Gosh, it's pretty intoxicating, isn't it?]

[I want to hear more music about pie!]

It's a wonderful day for pie...

...and it smells a lot better than I

Everyone in the house...

...and this Adam West mouse...

...the bees making honey...

...this Tom Tucker bunny...

...we all sing with glee, 'cause we all agree

It's a wonderful, wonderful day for pie!

[You want a nice, shiny red apple to put in that pie?]





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