It's Gonna Get Weird is a cut song from the show Gravity Falls, in which Bill Cipher sings about how he plans to create a world of pure chaos. It was ultimately cut from the final product to save time but later leaked online by Neil Cicierega not long after being cut.


Today’s just so wonderful, I feel like chuckling
Ha ha ha

I feel all fuzzy inside like a duckling; full of tarantulas
And now that I’m here, tonight, it’s gonna get weird!


Look at these creatures, not enough features
Cats should breath fire, bears should sing choir!
[Very nice]

Look at this tower under my power
Look at these people, puny and feeble!

(Ooo hoo!)

Look, I’m just a triangle trying to save you
From the delusions society gave you

Gravity’s a lie and so is the sky
Trust in the all-seeing, all-knowing eye!

Look at this money–who’s that, honey?
Look throughout history, how could you miss me?

(Seriously, I’m all over the place)

Look at this weather, I could do better
Mandelbrot rainbows, screaming tornadoes!

Look at this loser, drinking coffee
…Now it’s decaf!

Look at these people, calling me evil
Right back at you, now you’re all statues!

Now everything you know has disappeared
It’s gonna get weird...




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