"It's Fun to Be the Mayor" is a song from the from the popular educational television series LazyTown, appearing in the season two episode "Double Trouble". It is sung by Robbie Rotten while he is impersonating Mayor Milford Meanswell, expressing his joy in having control over LazyTown.

It is performed by Robbie's actor, the late Stefán Karl Stefánsson.


It's great to be me
It's awesome to be the Mayor
([Ho ho ho! No more sports!])
And you can see why
Oh my!
It's fun to be the Mayor

I make new rules and they obey
They must do whatever I say
I'm the leader
There's nothing sweeter
I'm the boss and I love to boss 'em all around

I took a new name
That's how I became the Mayor
([Oh ho ho, I'm the Mayor!])
A little disguise
And now I'm the Mayor

I pick apples and stomp them flat
I throw away their balls and bats
They must eat sweet sticky treats
'Till their tummies ache and I'll make 'em start all over again

It's great to be me
It's awesome to be the Mayor
I'm sure you'd agree

It's fun to be the Mayor!

Other Appearances

  • The song is featured on the UK album LazyTown - The Album.




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