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"Insanity Wolf vs. Courage Wolf" is a rap battle from the animated internet series Animeme Rap Battles. It features the memes of Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf battling both musically and physically.

It was performed by RedMinus as Insanity wolf and Toby Turner as Courage Wolf.


Must have taken every ounce of your courage
To agree to fight me here
Do you know who I am?
I'm Insanity Wolf
I feel a baby kick, I kick it back
In the delivery room, I spawn camp
Get a kill, teabag a bear trap
Watch porn in the front row of class
Fap, fap, fap
Do the math, motherf*cker
I'm insane!
I do the Cinnamon Challenge with cocaine
When life gave me lemons, I f*cked it in the ass
And gave it Lemonaids
Ran into your girl the other day with my car
Is she okay?

You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success
F*cking act like it
And my girl's fine, we just had sex!
Do the math? Well, I forgot my pencil
Guess I'll take notes in your blood
God gave you lemons?
Find a new God
I take the scenic route through Mordor
Walk in through the front door
So much courage I do the Worm, with a boner
You got no friends, you loner
Where's your wolf pack?
Even Jacob from Twilight could kick your ass
F*ck off

I put the fun in funeral
Laughter in slaughter
But first, I'll trap you underneath the stairs, Harry Potter
Then I'll murder your parents, so your bloodline's diminished
Then bury them
Who's grounded now, b*tches?

I made your Mom come, you could at least make me breakfast
You're a failure, I'mma swallow you
And sh*t out Success Kid
You give nothing to society
Except a headache
Where's my Worcestershire?
You're getting beat to a skirt steak

I give nothing to society?
Yeah, that's a real crock of sh*t
I feed the homeless, to the homeless
Donate blood, all of it!
I will deliver you into evil, and lead you into temptation
Got a headache? I've got your cure

What doesn't kill me, better run the f*ck away
Who are you again?
I kicked ass, and don't have time to take names
You think I lost?
Here's the twist
I'm the final boss
Say goodbye
You've reached your peak and now it's your time to die

Other Appearances

  • The song was released as a single.
  • An instrumental version was included in the album Instrumentals / Beats.




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