"I Want It All" is a song from Barbie and The Secret Door. It is sung by Princess Malucia as she tries to steal magic for herself.

The song was performed by Malucia's voice actress Tabitha St. Germain.


There's nothing that's more tragic than a princess without magic
And so I must take what I need from you
It may seem an imposition, but, hello, I'm on a mission
There's no one who can stop me and there's nothing you can do

I want it all, I want it now
Don't tell me no, just tell me how
You see this crown? It means bow down
What I want is really very small: I want it all
That's all

Getting more magical every day
(La, la, la, la la)
I'm totally taking my breath away
I know that you're gonna feel okay
Because it's better for me

I want it all, I want it now
Don't make it small, just make it 'wow'
Life has its dings, ooh, thanks for the wings
But you'll still get around 'cause you can crawl
I want it all

Can't wait 'til we find the unicorns
'Cause there's so much magic inside their horns
It's gonna be like I have been reborn
When all the magic's mine
Mine, mine

I want it all, I want it now
So just relax, don't have a cow
It is my fate to be so great
For me to rise you're gonna have to fall
It might just leave you curled up in a ball
And my request is really very small:
I want it all

All inclusive, the whole enchilada with a cherry on top
That's all

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured in the film's credits.




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