"I Never Get Enough" is a song from the 1977 animated film Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure. It features the gluttonous Greedy as he sings about his endless cycle of eating and how he can only end it by eating a "sweet heart".

It was performed by the Greedy's voice actor, the late Joe Silver.


You can give me candy, cotton candy, chocolate bar or lollipop.
Fill me up on ice cream, dripping fudge sauce, butterscotch and nuts that never stop!
Feed me gobs and gushes of your most de-luscious stuff,
But without a sweetheart, I never get enough.

Oh, squash me a banana drowned in jelly, tutti-fruity by the score,
Marzipan and pastry drenched in butter, caramel and gingerbread galore!
I can gorge forever but I'm just an empty shell,
And without a sweetheart, I don't feel so well.

I cannot go on living like this, oozing!
Where's the sugarpop to stop this misery?
Oh, oozing!
Is this endless eating all there is to be or not to be?

Melt me a tortoni, zabaoni, glazed with soggy halivah!
Peanut butter custard, baked Alaska, miracles of food from near and far!
There's not one delight I haven't tried, but life's too rough,
'Cause without a sweetheart, I never get enough.
Never get enough.
Never get enough.

[Excuse me.]

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the film's soundtrack.




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