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I.M. Meen is a song from the video game also called I.M. Meen. It is sung by the eponymous character in the intro of the game.

It was performed by I.M. Meen's voice actor Peter Berkrot.


Oh look, what clever children
See them study, watch them learn!

How I hate those goodie-goodies!
How they make my stomach turn!

I've got a little secret
That'll really make 'em cry

It's a nasty kind of magic
From a special kind of guy!

This book is made to order
But it isn't to be read

When they open up this book!
They're sucked inside instead to the most unpleasant place they've ever seen!

The magic labyrinth of I.M. Meen!
Very scary and confusing!

Destination of my choosing!
The magic labyrinth of I.M. Meen!




  • This song has become a very popular source among the YouTube Poop community. Specifically, Hoffy1138's "IM Meen Outtakes" franchise. Examples include, over sentence mixing, "How I hate The Magic School Bus", and "Oh look, a space odyssey!" The former was requested by one of Hoffy's fans.
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