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"I.M.P Jingle" is a song from the pilot episode of the animated web series Helluva Boss. It is a commercial jingle created by Blitzo to promote his murder company I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals).

It was Performed by Parry Gripp, who also wrote the song too.


When you want somebody gone
And you don't want to wait too long
Call the Immediate Murder Professionals
Hand grenade or cyanide
We'll make it look like suicide
The Immediate Murder Professionals

We do our jobs so well
Because we come straight up from Hell
We'll kill your husband or your wife
We'll even let you keep the knife
We're the Immediate Murder Professionals

Kids die for free!





  • The people from the church where Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie arrive during the song are cameos of members of the team behind the series.
  • A drawing of Sir Pentious can be seen in the room of one of the I.M.P. victims.
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