"I'm a Martian" is a song from the season one episode "Members Only" of the animated television series The Looney Tunes Show. It features Marvin the Martian as he describes himself.

The song was performed by Marvin's song voice actor Damon Jones.


Every time you see me,
you earthlings turn and run.
I don't know what your problem is,
I'm really super fun!

I'm a Martian!
Not a great white shark.
I'm a Martian!
I play frisbee in the park.

Come over to my party,
it's not that long a trip.
You'll be glad you made the journey
for my seven-layered dip.

I like sharing cheese pizza.
You see, I'm not so bad.
Do you like little puppies?
I make them in my lab.

I'm a Martian!
I harbour you no ill will.
A Martian!
Does someone need a chill pill?
My name's Marvin, I'm a Martian!

Let's share a lemon soda,
and talk about our feelings.
But don't insult my helmet
'cause then I'll hit the ceiling.

I've got a laser!
And it's pointed at your planet.
It's my laser!
So don't take me for granted.
I'm a Martian!
I'm a Martian!

Other Appearances

  • The song was featured on the soundtrack album Songs from The Looney Tunes Show: Season One.




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